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What I believe

I am David Rogers and I am running to be Delaware’s Representative in Congress.  I agree with the Libertarian party platform in general, but every libertarian has their own way of looking at things.  We are after all a group that emphasizes individualism.  Below are my specific thoughts on various issues.


My number one issue is police brutality.  This is an issue that affects every one, but especially minorities.  I feel that the most important thing that needs to be done is to change the law so that police no longer have qualified immunity.  As long as police have the right to violate people’s civil rights they will continue to do so.  I also think that ending the war on drugs would help with this issue.  The war on drugs increases the chances of police’s violent interactions with the general public and has led to the mass incarceration of many non violent people.


Another issue I feel strongly about is immigration.  For roughly the first 100 years our country existed with open borders and immigration did not destroy our country then.  All the same arguments that were used 100 years ago are still being used now and they are no more valid now then back then.  I don’t know if we need to go back to an open borders policy, but we should ease immigration restrictions especially for those coming here to work.


I am pro 2nd Amendment.  In the U.S. thieves are about as likely to be shot as arrested in home invasions, which is why most burglars try to rob houses when the owners are not home.  In Great Britain where gun ownership is illegal, burglars try to rob houses when the owners are home.  This is why I support people's right to own guns.


I am against the U.S. foreign interventionist policy.  I believed it was wrong for Bush to invade Iraq. I believe it was wrong for Obama to topple the Kadafi regime. Those were both bad governments, but things have only been made worse in both countries.  I believe in having a military that is strong enough for self defense, but I do not believe in continuing our imperialistic military doctrine.


I do not like the way social welfare programs are set up in the U.S.  Too often the government tries to help people out only to end up creating a cycle of dependency.  There are too many restrictions on if people can have money and how they have to spend it.  This ends up making the government very paternal in nature, and it also leads to a massive bureaucracy.  We should eliminate all social welfare programs and replace them with a universal basic income.  We should treat all people as if they are adults and if they need assistance we give it to them.


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This is my beautiful family that I want to make the word a better place for.